How to enjoy SENTO!

Do you know SENTO?
SENTO is public bath.
There are many SENTO in Osaka city.
29 SENTO in Ikuno ward!!

Have you ever been SENTO?
We'll tell you how to enjoy SENTO!


Do you know Noren?
It is a cotton curtain.
When Noren is hang, it tells you that SENTO is available now.
Go through Noren!  It’s a beginning of SENTO.
Then, you'll see a shoe locker…


After you go through the Noren,
take off your shoes,place them in the shoe locker,
and lock it.
Sometimes the keys are made of wood.
Are you ready to pay the fee...?

Please pay the fee at the front desk called 'BANDAI'.
If you  have questions, please ask the parson at BANDAI.
You can buy shampoo, soap or other bath stuff there.
You can also lent a towel.

You'll find two colored NOREN, mostly blue and red.
The blue is for Men and the red is for Women.
This means bath area is separated by sex.
After you go through your color’s Noren, you will see many lockers…

Take off "all" your clothes and put them into a locker.
Don’t forget to lock it, and band the key with your leg or wrist.
(No swimming suit here!) 
Now you are ready to go the bathing area…

Before you get into the bath, you have to wash your body
sitting down on a stool.
You can use the basin when you wash your body and hair.
Be careful not to splash to others!


 Are you ready to enter the bath?
Oh! Put back the basin where it is.
Now, soak in hot water slowly, and relax…
Be sure not to put your towel in the bath!

Are you relaxing in the bath?
Here are the some manners to enjoy Sento for everyone.
・Don’t put the towel in the bath water
・Don’t swim
・Don’t run or jump in
・Tie your long hair up not to touch the barth water

Look around, besides main bath, you will find several kind of bath  like…
Electric bath
Bubble bath
Outdoor bath
Cold water bath etc.

You can enjoy any of these bath!
It’s up to your feeling!


Did you enjoy your bath time?
Dry off your body with your towel before returning to the changing room.
Don’t forget to squeeze the towel not to wet the floor!

Some sento have a sauna room.
Don’t stay in there so long,
otherwise your body gonna be too hot!

After putting on your clothes, it’s time to drink a cold bottle of milk.
Don't forget putting your hand on your waist!
This pose is classic style at SENTO.
Why don't you this?


SENTO is a place where you can enjoy by yourself, with your friends, or with your family!
You can go there after your work, club activities, or before going bar, 
What kind of situation are you going to go SENTO?

Usually SENTO is open  from early afternoon to midnight.
Some people who love SENTO go there at the same time as opening.
It is called “Ichiban‐Buro”.

What time do you want to go SENTO?

Did you enjoy this SENTO column?
This is the last lesson!
There are many SENTOs in Osaka.
Especially in Ikuno, there are 29 SENTOs!
Each SENTO has its color, go around the SENTOs and enjoy them!

Thank you for reading this column.
Enjoy your SENTO life from now on!
Good luck!